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Magnesium Taurate: The Best Brain Supplement

Magnesium Taurate
Brain Supplement
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 on August 27, 2012


Magnesium taurate is a wonderful supplement that can do great things for your brain and heart.

Magnesium Taurate Review

If I had to pick out one brain supplement as my absolute favorite, my answer might come as a bit of a surprise: magnesium taurate.

The two most common forms of magnesium are Citrate and Sulfate. These are primarily not used for the brain but for cleansing the body of toxins, and also for digestion. This antioxidant effect of magnesium is great for the brain as well as the rest of the body, but the unfortunate consequences of taking these forms of magnesium on a daily basis… well, you can probably surmise what I’m talking about. It’s great if you have constipation; if you don’t it very quickly becomes a problem.

Getting technical, here are some of the ways magnesium positively impacts the brain:

1) Within our brain there is a fine balance of sodium and potassium. Magnesium activates an enzyme that serves to balance the levels of those key chemicals. This is central to the electrical activity within the nerve cells of the human brain.

2) One of the toxins which magnesium takes care of is called ammonia. Ammonia is a toxin which can damage our mind’s ability to concentrate and focus. Magnesium helps to activate a substance called “glutamine synthetase” – this substance converts ammonia into urea. Urea can then be disposed of by the body.

3) Other enzymes magnesium activates serve your body by improving the effectiveness of the energy glucose gives us. Magnesium therefore helps the body use that energy more efficiently – which indirectly improves the amount of energy which can be used by the brain. In other words, it helps us think.

What these all highlight is this: magnesium is a great help to our body. It works to detoxify us and to aide our natural brain chemicals and energy levels.

There are two problems, however. First, we don’t tend to consume enough magnesium these days. This is largely down to changes in farming practices, which mean magnesium is lacking in the soil, and therefore lacking in the food that comes from the soil. On top of the changes brought about by farming, much of our daily diet – including coffee and soft drinks – deplete the body’s levels of magnesium. Then there is the second problem with magnesium: the digestive issues alluded to above. Too much magnesium and, frankly, we’ll spend all day on the toilet.

Fortunately both of these aforementioned problems are solvable. The first problem is fixed by taking supplements of magnesium on a daily basis. The second problem is fixed with a wonderful mineral called “magnesium taurate“.

Magnesium taurate offers us all the positives of other forms of magnesium, but it doesn’t affect the stomach in the way those other forms can. In addition to that, magnesium taurate contains an amino acid called taurine. Among the many benefits of taurine are the heightened control of neurotransmitters in the brain – which can prevent the death of brain cells (and consequently the onset of brain dysfunction and even brain damage). On top of that it provides relief for hyperactivity, depression and anxiety.

When combined with magnesium you have a genuinely remarkable substance. To make it better still, the two chemicals work together synergistically – in other words, in concert the effects of both are stronger.

So, if you suffer from any of the following you should take magnesium taurate:

Insomnia (or low quality of sleep)

However, even if you are fortunate enough to suffer from none of the above, you should still consider taking this supplement. Magnesium taurate will help your brain function better, it will help your heart (including reducing the likelihood of arrhythmias), and it will promote a feeling of goodwill, calmness and focus.

Here are some foods naturally containing magnesium:


This graph shows the way magnesium consumption has been dropping for decades:


This image highlights exactly how many of us are magnesium deficient:


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Magnesium Taurate: Wrapping Things Up

I believe magnesium taurate to be the best supplement I have ever tried (and I’ve tried plenty). It provides a slew of health benefits for the brain and for the rest of the body – both minor and massive – and by being totally natural you can rest assured it is giving the body exactly what it wants… and needs.

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